Catching up: Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Recently a reader asked:  Kyle, how did the Seattle festival go? Did you get to read your work?

Yes, I did get to read three pieces of my work.  I read Asphalt (which was featured in the Festival and Anthology last year (2011)), Lollipop (which was posted here a while ago and also features Buddy as narrator and main character), as well as, Why I Write Erotica.

I enjoyed reading them and the audience was appreciative.  Sadly, it was also fairly small.  The readings on Saturday were scheduled for noon.  As you might imagine, there aren’t a lot of people at an Erotic Art Festival around lunch time, most of the people there were volunteers.  As a result, I think the Lit Art folks were slighted by this scheduling.  Last year, we had some time during the evening, early prime time for the event.  This year those choice time slots were given to other performances.

And even with that, I had a lot of fun that day, spent something like 12 hours in and around the Festival.  Started with the readings, got to meet some new fans, some old friends and fellow jurors.  I enjoy reading my work so much that I came away with new passion for creating a space in Olympia were queer and trans folks can read their work.  It’s something I’m letting brew on a back burner for now, so I can clear my docket a bit.

After the readings, I hung out with a couple of dear friends I met at last years Festival, poet Tito Titus and his wife Kate.  We ventured out in the pouring rain (it was doing that off and on that weekend) and had a wonderful lunch and conversation together.  Later in the afternoon, I slipped out for a snack of fries and beer at Brouwer’s pub across the intersection from the Festival venue.  Around dinner time, I was meeting up with an ex-girlfriend I hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years, my college girlfriend.  I hung with the action until about 10:30 when I got on the road to home (an hour away).

The Festival was gorgeous, busy and filled to the brim with eye-candy, especially later in the evening when all the fetish wearing folks showed up…. Ooooh, la la.  All and all it was a fun time.  Next year I think I’ll pass on jury duty and attempt to return as an Artist.



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