Why I Write Erotica

I’m taking this with me to read at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, if I get a chance to read more than one piece.  I wrote it specifically to be read at a venue like SEAF.  The other one I’m taking is ‘Lollipop‘.

Why I Write Erotica

I’m a writer
I write stories
I write dirty stories, hot stories, stories with happy endings
I call my stories erotica
some might call them porn

Whatever you call them
I want you to read them
I want you to dog-ear your favorite pages
break the spine, go ahead, that’s what it’s made for

I write dirty stories
hot stories
I want to get into your head
I want to get inside you
with characters you can’t forget
scenes that come back to you
at the worst possible moment
which is also the best

I write dirty stories
about the kind of people you’d like to be
or meet,
somewhere in the dark, on the street, in the heat of the day,
at the end of the day
I want to tell the story of your perversion so well you’ll swear I was sitting right beside you reading your mind

I write these stories to turn you on,
Take my stories to bed, let them seduce you
as you flip the pages, reading eagerly, waiting for that…  moment…
that sweet moment of mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm
right there
that word, those lines, those phrases
that flip of the switch that turns you from humming to buzzing
I want to change the potential into the torrential

I want to feel the slow, steady drip, drip, drip
of your pleasure
on my fingertips as I write those words,
those words designed
to make your spine
and make you think about when you’ll see your lover next
to make you wonder if you can slip out to your car
and finish off
the story I started

You think I’m on a power trip?
Of course I am
I want to get inside your pants
with my words
I want to turn you on
I want to be the one who makes you .. mmmm.. mmm..  ohh! yes!

And you want me to
that’s the beautiful thing about this
You want me to play you like an instrument of passion
starting slowly, teasing the music out of you,
building to that frenzied conclusion
Making you wait until I tell you to
…. almost there… almost…
YES! Now!

And I bet some of you didn’t realize you were into orgasm control


I will be at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival at noon Saturday, June 23rd to participate in the Literary Art Exhibit readings.  Then I’ll be hanging about hoping to see people I know.  Come up and say hello.

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