I do have voices in my head, I think we all do to some extent, and one of mine is particularly negative.

“So, you’re still lovers?”

“Of course, we are.  Yes.”

“But you haven’t been together together in… how long?”

“Shut up!”

“No, I’m serious.  I’m asking about the definition of being ‘lovers’, doesn’t that imply some kind of contact?  Sex?”

“I can see how you’d focus on that, and yeah, sex and love and sexiness are what comes to mind when I think about my lover.  I don’t have to give that up just because it’s been a while since we’ve made love.

It’s not about proximity, or doesn’t have to be.  It’s not about hours spent together, or apart.  It’s about intention.  And passion.  It’s about the way I can remember the taste of her mouth, and the way her hand holds mine.  It’s the way my body remembers hers – her thighs, her ass, her hands, her lips, her tongue. The way I can close my eyes and traverse every inch of her skin in my memory.  How remembering her heat makes my body flush and my knees grow weak.  It’s in the way she can give me a look, even fleeting, on the webcam and I feel it in every cell.  We’re lovers because in a tumbling moment of words and looks, we are right back in the hot molten core of our passion and desire.

We are lovers because we are.”

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