Pondering ‘Transition’ for Non-Binary Gender Identities

I’m working on this idea, a definition of transition that is inclusive of non-binary gender identities.  I want to hear from you, my wonderfully wise readers, what you think.

For you, does talk about ‘transition’ automatically call up thoughts about surgery, hormone therapy, name changes and legal paperwork?  Does it come loaded with the assumption that a person is choosing to claim a gender identity of either male or female?

For those of us who do not identify within the binary gender system, what does transitioning mean?  I think it could mean working toward physical, social, emotional integration that centers us and helps us be more present in our bodies and our lives.  I’ve already gotten some feedback indicating that people are gonna question the idea of applying ‘transition’ to any group other than MTF and FTM people.  But is ‘transition’ a unit of work that they all complete, in the same fashion?  No, it isn’t.  Some who identify as FTM or MTF have had some kind of surgery, many have not.  Some do hormones, some do not.  Some haven’t gone through the legal hoops to change their names and gender on driver’s licenses and other paperwork.  So ‘transition’ is many things.

Why can’t I see the changes I’ve been through in the past 5 years as a transition?  I flatly reject the notion that ‘transition’ is solely owned by a subset of gender rebels who stay within the gender binary, and that may get me into some arguments.  So be it, I’m up for a good lively conversation about all of this.

I’m curious how this strikes you, what your thoughts are, so please join the conversation.  What do you think?

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