It came from teh Internetz ….

A tour of blog posts, articles and other internet offerings that have caught my attention recently.

First some news and happenings of interest to trans people and their allies:

Transgender 101:  15 things to know:  quick and catchy, power point style approach to what the author calls, what “people should know about transgenderism if it was their first foray into the area.”  I was a little disappointed in the minimal way “genderqueerism” was addressed, but that topic could take a good 15 points in and of itself, I suppose.

Navigating updated TSA policies for transgender people and sexual assault survivors :  I have skimmed this and will go back for another, deeper read.  This is like a follow-on to the article I posted about recently.  It goes into a bit more detail about the technology in use and how that may impact travelers who are gender binary non-conforming or others who transgress the norms in some way.

EEOC Ruling on Title VII covering gender-identity discrimination : an article on a recent EEOC ruling on a case that came before it claiming discrimination based on transgender status, “the EEOC states, ”[T]he Commission hereby clarifies that claims of discrimination based on transgender status, also referred to as claims of discrimination based on gender identity, are cognizable under Title VII’s sex discrimination prohibition ….”  A big deal, a ‘sea change’ as one of the people interviewed for the article put it.  ”To have just a clear, definitive EEOC ruling that Title VII protects transgender people gives us so much more certainty and security and solid, reliable legal protection. For decades now, advocates and scholars both have been saying Title VII should be applied to protect transgender people,” he says. ”And now, to have the EEOC confirm that, ‘Yes … Title VII should and does protect transgender people when they’re discriminated against because they’ve changed their sex or intend to change their sex or because they’re gender nonconforming. That is sex discrimination.’ That is really an important capstone.”

And now for something not quite so serious and heavy….

Have you started reading Salacious magazine yet?  Here’s a great deal, get either Salacious #2, Voyeur or #3, Leather for only $10 bucks a piece.   It’s a moving sale and they are priced to move.   Voyeur features a story I wrote called “Other Duties” and photos by Roxy, plus a whole lot of other great stories and art.  Leather is also a great edition.  My recommendation, get them both, they will not disappoint.   They also have CafePress swag: shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, mugs and water bottles.

Continuing in the literary vein, Lambda Literary has posted an interview/conversation between Sinclair Sexsmith and Sassafras Lowery.  They talk about the recently published Lesbian BDSM Erotica anthology edited by the former, and the work in progress being edited by the latter called Leather Ever After.  They talk about what books and writing influenced them, about what ‘Leather’ means in terms of life and literature and the stigma still attached to the Leather community.  I felt like I was sitting  in a coffee shop at the table next to them, hoping it wasn’t obvious I was leaning closer in order to catch every word.

And lastly, a plug for the tumblr Roxy and I curate, GayLikeThis.  We don’t post often, but when we do, it’s something yummy.

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