Suburban Butch Dad Report: ElderSpawn Keeps Her Options Open

I had a very quick conversation with my ElderSpawn a couple of mornings ago about some rumors going around about her.  This is the first I’d heard and I wanted to dig deeper into it, but she was literally on her bike ready to pedal away as she mentioned it.

She heard from a friend that some people are saying that because her parents are gay (sic), she must be as well.  Thinking quickly, I responded, “Well, my parents were both straight, but I’m not, so it doesn’t matter what your parents’ sexual orientation is, you are who you are.”

“And, ” I continued, “You have two gay parents but you’re straight.”

“So far, mom” she said it very seriously and with a tone of admonishment.

And there I was, caught with my assumptions down.

I smiled and hugged her, “That’s right, honey, so far.  And no matter who you are and what you decide about yourself, it’s up to you and doesn’t depend on who your parents are.  Have a great day at school, honey, I love you.”

And then she was on her way.  I stood watching her pedal off with her friend, thinking that even if she didn’t get sexual orientation from me, she did get a wonderfully open mind and the feeling of security to leave her own options open.

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