Dear Zoro

Well, now I know you’re not an anonymous reader.  You say you know me, that we had some kind of past involvement.  You seem to be angry with me, unhappy at the very least.  I would like to open a dialog, if possible, but that’s up to you.  I’m open to communicating with you, but only if you’re willing to let me know what I’ve done to offend/hurt you and hopefully we can move beyond it.




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One Response to Dear Zoro

  1. Zoro says:

    I appreciate what you wrote. It diffused my anger towards you. I don’t feel comfortable revealing who I am now. I’m not being mysterious. I’m just coping with a lot of health issues, and can’t tax myself any further. That’s why I didn’t respond yesterday, to your gesture of peacemaking. You really didn’t do anything wrong. Upon reflection, I realized, that I’ve been angry towards butches for years. Unfortunately, I took that out on you. It’s ironic, because you’re so much more than “butch.” Anyway, thanks for being a “big” person, and making a public statement. While it’s also true that I’m not pro-poly, I didn’t express my opinions in a respectful way. I apologize for that. You and Roxy are living proof, that poly works well in some relationships. I wish you well with your writing, too. Namaste.

    Thank you for responding. I wish you the best in dealing with your health issues and any other challenges you face. If at some point in the future, you’d like to open up lines of communication, I’d be very happy to continue the conversation. Take care of yourself, Namaste – K

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