The flirting was hot and heavy, but it only made you want me more.  I watched the other, amused, knowing who you’d go home with at the end of the night.  If we lasted that long.

A pause in the campaign, the other stepped away for a smoke and a “I promise I’ll be right back” wink and you turned to me with that look.  The look that says “Now!”.  That Look.  For a second, I considered making a crack about waiting for the flirt to come back, but your eyes weren’t looking for humor, they demanded action.  I tossed a couple bucks on the bar and swung down, took your hand and headed to the back door.  I had a good feeling we’d find the spot we needed back there.

Dark doorways

Hard brick

Soft-spoken threatening shadows

No witnesses

The back door swung back into its frame and we were down the alley, eyes adjusting to the low light, senses heightened.  A dark alcove ahead, to the left, I pulled you in, swung you around, pressing you hard up against the brick.  Just the way you like it.

Hard breath

Thumb against your throat

Kisses full of teeth 

Your grip tight and unrelenting

I wrapped your legs around my hips, you wrapped you arms around my shoulders. The bricks bit into you but that only seemed to increase your need.  I fucked you hard against that wall.  We didn’t just fuck hard, we fucked with urgency.

You took all of me

Teeth in my shoulder

Heels in my ass

Fierce eyes burning into mine

There is no other, no one who sparks the dangerous hunger in me the way you do.  The passion, the fury, the angry need, held back so long, breaking free between us.  Built up for months, it consumes us fully when we let loose the controls.  The world fades, there is only you, there is only me, there is only the lusty beast we create together.

Dark furious need

Hot panting breath

Sharp dangerous looks 

Sated briefly


All too briefly.



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