missing her

There are times when I miss her so purely it’s as if a hole has opened up in my center, open and aching for her.  There’s just so much going on lately, for both of us, we don’t get the vast stretches of time we used to spend online together throughout the day and into the evening.  I could easily start a pity party for myself, but that never gets me anywhere.  Instead, I’m going to try a remedy that’s worked for me before:  diving into a story about us, or inspired by us.  I’ll let the words take me to a sexy fun time we’ve had together, let the words will cast their spell and take me back, lighten my heart and tighten my groin, allowing me to be with her, even if it’s just in my mind, tonight.  Any time spent with her is miraculous good.

And I am very much aware that in 2 weeks, exactly, I’ll be in the sky, San Francisco bound, to deliver on all the kisses and love I’ve been saving for her these long months.

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