Looking forward with Salacious magazine in 2012

Did you know that Salacious magazine will be publishing its Leather issue in the coming months? I didn’t submit anything for that round, but I’ll be ordering a copy because it’s bound to be good.

I did submit a story for their Sci Fi issue, which was originally going to be published as issue #3.  That theme is being re-launched for this fall, with a deadline of September 15, 2012.  I feel good about the story I submitted last year and am hopeful it will be included.  In the meantime, Salacious has announced its next issue with the theme Work, with a submission deadline of March 10, 2012.  I already have a piece in mind, one I’ve never published, something that I hope will catch the editorial board’s eye and entertain the readers.

If you are a writer of enlightened smut, check out Salacious.  Maybe this is your year to be published.

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