A little holiday brag

I did very well these holidays, gifts-wise.  In fact, it was quite the butchtastic Christmas for me (and man-rific, fab-boy-lous).

My wife gave me two ties:  one silver on silver (will look great with  my new black button down) and a dark navy blue tie with a small detailed pattern.  My brother in law (brother’s partner) gave me a skinny black tie and a tie clip.  That’s right, three new ties for the new year! And my first tie clip.

Roxy gave a slick new knife, a Kershaw.  Best, coolest, sharpest, most baddass knife I’ve ever had and I am loving it. Having it on my hip feels good, and I’m already thinking of naughty, dirty things with it…


This knife is so cool and I’m so in love with it, I’ve given it a name, Snick.  Bilbo and Frodo had Sting, I’ve got Snick.  Snick and I are going to have many, many good times in the coming years.  Like me, Snick is genderqueer.  And, though it seems a bit counter-intuitive, it feels more male when it’s closed up, clipped to my hip.  When it’s open, even though that’s an erect configuration, it feels more female to me…. curvy and sharp, that’s how I like my females.

Roxy also sent me a copy of the Fifth Element, one of my favorites and with a hero I relate to very well in Korben Dallas.   I also received a bracelet from my step-mom-in-law.  My wife assures me its very masculine, and it’s not bad, just not sure where I’ll wear it… and I don’t think it’s ‘very masculine’ at best it’s not screamingly feminine.  Oh, and I got a new pair of leather work gloves.. I go through a pair a year, last year’s pair is worn out and holey, so the replacement pair was very welcome.  Fits well and looks good, too.

My wife ordered me the ‘#include <beer.h>’ pint glass I’ve been admiring at thinkgeek.com, and also ordered one I hadn’t seen, ‘[Be] [Er]’ (think elements, Beryllium and Erbium).  Did y’all know I have a pint glass collection?

Happy Holidays, ya’ll.  I hope you also received recognition for who you are and I hope we all have a very good New Year in 2012.




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3 Responses to A little holiday brag

  1. Oh, but Snick is beautiful! I got a shiver just looking at hir…

    Those are some awesomelicious ties, too – will we get to see you rocking them, with the clip?

    xx Dee

    Thank you, Snick is quite the sexy blade, for sure. I’ll make sure to snap some pics when I wear those ties, so you can see how they look 🙂 –K

  2. Roxy says:

    I love, love, LOVE that you’re being seen more and more for who you are. The ties are handsome, and I know you’ll look great in them. Of course, Snick is definitely the gift that keeps on giving for me, and I’m thrilled you like it.

    Happy Christmas, my love.

    I’m looking forward to dressing up with the ties, and Snick is already a regular part of my wardrobe. Snick is always warm and inviting when I pull ‘er out of my pocket, and we’ve been getting to know each other, closely >;-)

    I really love my Snick, thank you, baby, you’re the best – K

  3. Iz says:

    I want a Snick! So pretty! So shiny!

    Hope you had a great Xmas and New Year’s, Kyle! 🙂

    😀 Snick is quite a gem, Roxy did very well choosing it for me.

    I had a really good and very busy holiday season. Loads of family, tons of food, lots of sleeping in (yay!). Getting back into the work-a-day swing of things hasn’t been easy – K

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