Leaving, on a jet plane

This Thursday, I’ll be flying out of Seatac on my way to SFO to spend time with the sorcerific and sexy Roxy.  We’ve both been hellishly busy, but we’ve taken a little time to make plans and speculate on what sort of devilry we might create together.  We get to go to the dungeon again, for the first time since Folsom last year (!) for Transmissions.

Today we talked about bondage and eye shadow, cling wrap and binding my chest with an assortment of chain and leather (think mad maxxgyver).  I’m all squirmy at the thought of Sir whispering delicious threats and promises into my ear, driving me wild with desire and anticipation.  Sir is full of ideas on how to make me squirm all the more and I can’t wait.

First things first, though, and that means as many kisses as I can lay on those luscious lips.  We have so much time to make up for, so many hugs and kisses and hand holding.  And sex, as much of it as we can get with a weekend of activities for the kids.  And conversations, talking without a screen or miles of sky between us.

In the meantime, we’re both trying to get projects and tasks finished so we can enjoy the time together.

It’s a miracle I can even concentrate on the here and now, ya know?

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