It’s been three years…

Roxy and I are celebrating the third anniversary of the night we met, on twitter, in a delirious flurry of flirting.. there was a group of us flirting, teasing, testing and sparring.  She was new  to my twitter stream, and came to my attention through mutual friends.  She caught my attention, there was a spark between us.  I worried that maybe I was making it up, at first, but as we continued to get to know each other, I could see she felt it too.  That electricity, the magic.  A neon sign helpfully provided by the universe, pointing at her.  This is the one, you’ve been waiting for her, don’t blow it!

I wrote this poem in those first heated months, before our first kiss

I want to know

I want to know how your skin smells
at the hollow of your neck

I want to know how your hair feels
in my fingers, at the back of your head

I want to know the sensation
of my tongue sliding across your nipple

I want to know the taste of your mouth
the first time we kiss

I want to know how your skin feels
the heat of it, next to mine

I want to watch your hips, when I touch you,
in a certain place, with a certain pressure

I want to know the sounds you make
when you don’t give a damn who hears

I want to know the look in your eyes,
when  you’re hungry for me

First posted on 12/12/2008, a month after we’d met on twitter.



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