howdy y’all

I miss you guys, my readers.  I also miss words, writing them, savoring them in my mind before rattling them out through my keyboard.  I’ve been busy, that’s nothing new, but lately it’s been .. just hard.  I seriously concentrate on one day at a time because if I consider all the stuff I’m going to do this week, I’ll feel overwhelmed.

I wanna get back into the rhythm of posting and getting your comments and feedback.  I miss this and I have things to share and ponder in print.  Life is kinda a pig lately, taking all I have and coming back with hands outstretched.  I’ve been spending a lot of time physically and mentally helping my parents pack up their belongings — emptying my childhood home — in order to turn it over to a stranger and move to the other side of the state.  They’ve been here for me, and I for them, for all my 47 years.  I’m in a state of slow shock over how much this changes my life and how much of the emotional geography of my youth is being bulldozed over by this change.  Sigh.  There are a lot of tears threatening to splash down over that.  We’ll get to that soon, I hope, there’s a lot to explore in those emotions and my reactions to them.

My immediate family of wife and daughters is very busy and it doesn’t seem like my wife and I get much time to sit and just be.  We’re all doing well, on the whole, and with my new job situation (yes, must share that soon), we should be doing well financially for the forseeable future.

And, very happily, I have a flight to look forward to, or, well, not the flight so much as the destination.  And who will be waiting for me at the destination.  My sweet lover, Roxy, who can relate to the feeling that life is becoming crushingly complex and demanding.  We will be doing family things with her kids, but also getting some very much needed quality alone time.  Just thinking about the reality of kissing her sends me into swooning fantasies…

Ok, so that’s me and some of the blur my life has become lately.  What’s going on with all of you?  I promise to come back soon and tell you some stories.  Take care.

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