full and floating on her love

I had to leave San Francisco last night.  Had to leave my lover, Roxy, and the wonderful weekend we had.  I don’t want to dwell on the sadness of leaving, but I feel it, certainly.

Instead I want to take a moment to express my gratitude.

Thank you, Roxy,

for your endless supply of love

for the wonderful Italian food

for the drawer

for Buffy vs. Dracula

for all the kisses, the ones we shared and the ones we thought about when we couldn’t have them

for being sexy

for being mine

for loving me so well

for the chocolate

and the beating

for the Rodin

for enjoying domesticity with me

for pampering me

for letting me pamper you

for the snuggly comfortable

for walking proudly arm and arm with me

for sharing your stories

for the look in your eyes when you look at me

for being more sexy and beautiful and desirable every time I see  you

for the boots and the shorts and that dangerously sexy vest

for the love, for the sex, for the pillow talk

for wanting the things I want and for sharing the joy of those wishes with me

for being sad and unhappy with me about the wishes we can’t fulfill right now

for telling me that I’m handsome and sexy and strong and just exactly right just the way I am

for skin that smells like roses

and kisses that taste like home

for a body and a soul and a heart that fits together with mine so well, so perfectly, that I can’t help but wonder that we were once a single entity.

I love you my gorgeous, fierce, witty, wonderful, generous, passionate lover.  You are my partner, my soul mate, my rapturous love.

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