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Here are some posts that caught my eye, and may interest you as well:

Do you use Boy words or Girl words?  Some real life examples of how kids tend to be much more flexible about gender than adults.

An argument against pushing for Marriage Equality.  There’s a lot going on in this post, some of which I agree with, some of which I really don’t.  I hope to address this in a full post soon.  In the meantime, I’d be interested in your reactions and comments.  What strikes you as right on and right off?

I’m getting a lot of good thought-provoking stuff from Gendercast.  They’ve got a Facebook page and their blog.  If you’re on Facebook, do the Like thing to keep up with all the items they’re posting to their wall.  If you like what they’re doing, be sure to let Jessie and Sean know, send ’em some love, people!  Here’s something they posted today that I haven’t even had a chance to check out yet, Trans Identity on Television.

And, just to prove I’m not on Gendercast’s payroll (yes, it’s appropriate to laugh), here’s a link to a column a long time friend of mine writes.  Gwendolyn Dean is a bisexual mom, writer, educator and all-around fabulous human being.  Her column is called, It’s Conceivable, and she writes about issues around queer parenting.


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