Three Years of Butchtastic: 10/6/2008 – 2011

Today marks end of three years of Butchtastic:  blogging and beers, bromance and babes, butches and BDSM…. and a whole lot more.  If you’ve been here for most of that ride, you’ve seen me at the beginning of my poly experience, the beginning of my D/s experience and you’ve seen me rediscover myself in terms of gender and sexuality.  You’ve seen me painfully lose in love and gain a wonderful, amazing new love.  You’ve seen me discover the man within and become someone’s boy.  The blog community that was here when I started has changed a lot.  Many of the butch oriented blogs I looked to for inspiration and advice are no longer active, but new blogs have joined the community, new voices to learn from, and new perspectives to explore.

Tomorrow, I hope to be posting a birthday contest for y’all to participate in and, in the coming days, I’ll be pulling old posts and pictures out of the archives to celebrate my bloggiversary.  Do you have a favorite HNT, sexy story, or thought-provoking post?  I’d love to hear from you, whether you’re long time readers or newer ones.  If you have ideas you’d like to see me pursue, topics for me to write about or questions you’ve always wanted to ask… now’s the time.

And now, a toast to you, my readers and the blog community:

May you win in life and in love, and may you always get good head

good head from Black Butte Porter

cheers and namaste


And, because it’s Thursday, an HNT from the vault:

And, as always, to see all the other HNT posts for the day, go to Views from the Back Row, from whence the HNT goodness has come.


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