The season for anniversaries

From September and into the new year, there is a list of special dates to celebrate:

September 7th: my wife and I celebrated our 18th anniversary 

October 6th:  Butchtastic is 3 years old

October 14th:  4 years of polyamory

November 5th – 8th:  2 years since Roxy and I traveled to NY together for the Sex Bloggers Calendar party; had our first really long visit; shocked and alarmed everyone in the vicinity of our hotel room; and committed in a very serious way to each other, rekindling and reaffirming our relationship.

November 12th:  3 years since Roxy and I met on Twitter (were you there?)

November 20th:  3 years since Roxy commented for the first time on my blog

December 8th: 2 years since I officially adopted my second daughter

December 20th:  12 years since I was initiated into parenthood thanks to my first daughter

January 31st, 2012:  3 years since Roxy and I first kissed (and all the other stuff we did in that crazy 20 hour visit).

You know what really strikes me about this list…. it’s only been 3 years?  I coulda sworn Roxy and I’ve known each other forever.

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