Butchtastic’s Third Birthday Contest… and the winner is…. Seth!

Here is the winning entry, chosen from several very good entries:

My first and only time being collared

i was collared years ago by someone who i thought was worthy of collaring me. Up until She collared me, there was no reason for me to think it would not be anything but a positive in O/our life.

The dynamics of Her collaring me were discussed at length…would Her expectations were, what my expectations were, how & when i would where my collar, and what this would mean to U/us.

i was truly honored She wanted to collar me and had no reason to fear it would be anything but respectful, loving, nurturing.

After being collared, none of what W/we talked about took place. There was no longer any respect from Her to me. And while degradation and humiliation can be parts of a D/s relationship, it was never talked about being involved in O/ours. It soon became where i was to have no voice, no say, no desire or need contrary to Her’s.

After talking, in secret, with some supportive members of the kink community, i was able to break break the physical ties of this D/s relationship. Though i no longer wear the collar, nor even have it, there is still a struggle, at times, within me to completely break the emotional ties still there. To be granted a new collar from someone who expects nothing from me other than respect as a person and gratefulness of such a precious gift would go far in extinguishing the last smoldering ashes of my first and not positive experience of brig collared.

No, this is not a sob story. This is just my story.

With that i leave, crawling away from you. As i reach the door, i look back towards you with eyes lowered and say “May i, please?”

Seth: I was particularly touched by the idea of helping to start a new story for you. I give the collar to you with respect and the hope that you will keep it until you meet someone else who will respect you and value what you have to offer as much as my Sir values my gifts. You deserve to be respected and celebrated for your service, so keep this collar until you find the one who will not abuse their power. I wish you the best in your journey.

Namaste, Kyle


I was very pleased and flattered to see so many excellent stories and arguments by other readers for why they should receive the collar.  I love you all, you’re awesome.  I might do another contest in a few months, I’ve got a few other fun things that should go to good homes, so stay in touch.



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