After Glow

We’ve been feeling sexy and romantic lately and this morning she started telling me about a story she was imagining, of us in a barn.  She gave me a few details and asked if I could write the story for her.  Within a few hours, I sent her this piece.  This is for you, Roxy, my love, my muse, my beloved.  You inspire me and turn me on in more ways than I can count.  I love you, baby.

After Glow

Afternoon light was streaming in through the high windows of the barn when we finally slowed down enough to catch our breath.

She kissed me softly on the neck and chest – areas she could reach without moving.  Her arm was draped across me and her head was on my shoulder.  I was idly stroking her arm with the fingers of one hand and the small of her back with the other.  I felt about as close to perfect as I ever had.  She took a deep breath up next to my skin and exhaled in a long, contented sigh, so I knew she felt the same way.  We had no place to be except right there together.

“I love you, baby” I said drowsily.

“Mmmmmmhmmm” was her reply.

The warmth of her body and of the sun combined with the earthy smells of hay and grain, and the hushed sounds of animals elsewhere in the barn, lulled me better than being rocked to sleep by my mama.  I thought we might drift off to sleep in a satisfied, love filled haze, but she had other ideas.  Lifting her head, she smiled in a way that signaled mischievous intent.

I grumbled a bit as she extricated herself from my arms but immediately began to enjoy the view.  Gloriously naked, she took some long pulls from her water bottle.  The strong afternoon sunlight stroked her body to a golden glow.  I must have made some sort of appreciative noise, because she turned and flashed me the grin I love so much.

Turning away from me, she leaned over the pile of tack and clothing we’d left in one corner.  I gave a low wolf-whistle in appreciation for the view, “Damn, sugar, you are so so so fine.” Despite the thorough and continuous love making we’d been engaged in since morning, I could feel myself stir and tighten in response to what my eyes were taking in.

She turned around with one of my boots in her hand, looking for the other.  I followed her eyes to where that one had been flung in passionate haste.  Soon she had them on and my hat as well and had hooked her thumbs into imaginary belt loops.  She was swaggering and stomping around in my boots in some exaggerated caricature of someone.

“Who am I?” She asked this with a smirk and a raised eyebrow and continued to stomp around with a goofy grin on her face.

“I dunno, the foreman, or maybe that horse trainer from over at Littlerock?”  I offered.

“Try again” She looked at me with a lascivious grin and drawled. “‘Hello, there darlin’, how’d you like to go for ride?”

I groaned in response, and looked for something to throw at her, but I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.  She was imitatin’ me.  I got up and made like I was gonna rush her but found my self starin’ down the barrel of her gun… well, fingers, but I played along.  Putting my hands up, I stepped back away from her.

“Please, mister I don’t want no trouble, please don’t shoot me.”

She chuckled darkly, “Well, you’d better drop your gun then, Cowboy.”

I looked up at each flattened palm with splayed fingers for confirmation, “I’m not carryin’ a gun.”

She narrowed her eyes and her smile grew broader, “You may not have a gun, Cowboy, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t loaded.”  She licked her lips and looked pointedly at my groin.  As hard and ready as I was feeling at that moment, it would not have surprised me if she could see my little cock pressing outward from its furry nest.

My turn for a cocky grin.  I tilted my hips toward her and laughed menacingly,”Yeah.. I am.. what you gonna do about it?”

She took a couple of steps until she was right in front of me.  I could feel her heat and wondered if she could hear my heart beating like tribal drums in my chest.

“Just keep your hands where I can see ’em, and we’ll see if we can discharge it safely.”

I kept my hands up, and she reached down between my legs and started touching me, and I swear I nearly lost it on the first stroke.  I clasped my hands behind my head and braced my stance.  She slipped one hand behind, from the small of my back down between my ass cheeks and started touching me there.  I thought I would fall down with the sudden pleasure, but she leaned in and kissed me, giving me something to hold on to.

It didn’t take long, I was so primed.  Slick fingers stroked me hard and fast, while another probed me from behind and I sucked on her tongue like it was her cock.  I came hard and loud and long.  She held me, one hand cupped on my mound, the other around my shoulders, holding me up.  I wrapped myself around her, breathing hard and moaning my love and appreciation.

She laid me back down and pulled herself over me, covering me more surely than any blanket.  I kissed her until I lost consciousness, rolling sweetly into oblivion wrapped up in my beloved.

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