I’m feeling it right now, that surge from him.  He’s frustrated at our lack of progress.  We’ve been trying things lately, new sometimes scary things.  We put an ad out on a men for men site and got some interest, some rather intense interest, actually.  That was certainly flattering but the interest was a little off, we had to keep educating about who we were and what our physical body did and did not mean in terms of the kind of sex we want to have.  We went to a BDSM play party, stag, with a sub bag at the ready.  He was nervous but got bolder as the night went on, started approaching obvious tops asking if they needed someone to use that night.  We met some great people, did excellent networking, but went home with nary a bruise or invaded orifice.

The sub side of me/us is the side talked about here a lot.  Our approach to service is something we’ve explored and expressed and celebrated.  And with Roxy, we’ve explored Top/Sir/Daddy roles and found them very satisfying.

But this is different.  He wants a boy, he wants a boy who wants a man like him.  He wants to look down and see a shining, eager face full of his cock.  He wants to push, and push some more and push until the boy is just about to break and then pull him back, smoothing sweat matted-hair back from that face and reassuring him.   Because this Daddy doesn’t want to break his toy, he just wants to play hard with it.

I don’t know yet how we’ll make this happen but Kyle is gonna bust out and do something rash if we don’t figure it out pretty soon.  Kyle is not patient, does not want to wait and be diplomatic and go through the proper channels.  Kyle wants to walk into a bar and throw a glance and know his request will be understood and immediately responded to.  Yes, that is asking a lot, especially in this smallish large town we call home, but someone out there wants to be a part of this equation.  So it does all come down to math after all.

Kyle + boy = hot rough action

Kyle + boy = a truth we haven’t made true yet

There’s a boy out there who needs a firm hand and a hard cock and we just need to find him/them.  We don’t believe this is going to happen without any effort on our part, so we’re putting this desire out into the universe.

Where are you, boy/boi?


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