Hands on

The breathy, half-moan caught my attention and swung it around sharply.

“Oh, wow, baby… ”

“mmhmmm… mmmm… you gonna join me?”

The half invitation, half challenge purred into my ear and I didn’t hesitate.  Quickly unzipping my shorts, I slid my fingers into position and closed the driver’s side window.  There were others enjoying the warm night air downtown, but I didn’t want to invite them into this moment.

“Baby, you sound so good, god, I know this moment, know how you look, you sexy beast.”  Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the sounds coming through my headset.  Heavy, rhythmic breathing, soft moans.  My minds eye brought me into the moment:  thigh muscles flexing, hips lifting, head back, mouth slightly open, eyes closed, fingers working their magic.

“I can smell you”  I say, softly, moaning urgently as my fingers bring me up to speed.

“huhh huhhh, oh baby, you caught up fast” hips pressing more ardently against hands, sounds of passion given freely.

I’m close now, the fingertip circling my clit keeps hitting a spot along the stem that’s going to take me all the way as soon as I stop holding back.  “Ohgodhoney.”

“Wow, you didn’t just catch up, you’re ahead of me now” but I can hear in the way my lover’s breath is catching, the way it quivers that I’m not the only one who’s getting close.

“I’m in a holding pattern, love, circling, waiting for permission to land.”

That low, sexy chuckle, the tone I know and love tells me I won’t be waiting long.  The truck I’m sitting in, the parking lot, the night sky and the people walking from one bar to the next fade away.  I’m there, feeling that heat, moving with that rhythm, sinking into that sexy, ardent mouth.  And it’s true, the smell of roses is in my nose, roses and body heat and sex.

“Come, lover, come for me.”

Those words insight and inspire.  I let go, let loose the beast, coiled and expectant, who rises into a howl that I’m sure is audible outside my truck.  I don’t care, head back, I groan, cry out, my voice rising up to to a high, gravity defying wail.  I continue to moan and whimper my way to the first phone sex climax we’ve had in longer than we like to remember.  As the sound of my climax subsides, through my heavy breathing, I hear the build up on the other side.  My fingers, slick and nimble, bring me back up again.  Once I start, it’s harder to stop coming than to continue.

Between my increasingly urgent moans, I say “I know this moment with you, the way your hips move, the way your body feels, the way your mouth tastes…. ”

“No… ohgod.. no no no… !” That low, sexy growl, warning me to hold tight, be ready for it.

“Yes, baby, you sexy gorgeous beast, get it, baby, let go, come with me… ”

This time we peak together, my second orgasm lower, deeper, filled with throaty growls and gasps and threats against polite society, before my voice rises again.  My lover growls in my ear, I can almost feel teeth closing on my flesh.  That low throaty roar slips under my skin, my back arches again.  Together we sing a duet, voices intertwining, a song we know so well, but have not sung nearly enough in recent months.

Now panting, catching our breath and giggling in post orgasmic joy, we fill the space between us with happy chatter.  All the while, my fingers are still hard at work and I come another time or two, to my lover’s appreciative delight.  Then I lean back, happy sigh turning into a yawn.  I hear the answering yawn and we both sigh, knowing that the best thing after great sex would be to curl up together and fall asleep with these goofy grins and satisfied bodies intertwined with tangled sheets and the night air.  It’s a moment that could easily turn sad, the longing to be together is so great sometimes, but last night we stayed in the happy moment.  Allowing ourselves to feel the triumph of a passionate togetherness that defies physical distance.

At some point during our build up banter, Roxy commented that we’d been suffering a kind of ‘lesbian bed death’ with regard to phone sex, and, of course, that’s a very bad thing for a long distance couple.  Not that we qualify as ‘lesbians’, either one of us.. so it’s more like ‘genderqueer phone sex death’ or something like that… we’ll leave it to the committees to process that and come up with the correct term.

The fact is, we’ve been so busy with everything and everybody in our lives that we’d not made time for sex.  Given the fact that this problem comes up in lots of relationships where people live together and have more access to each other physically, maybe it’s not so surprising it would happen to us.  Except that we used to do it a lot, it was a priority and it’s really good sex and despite the appearance that we’re just masturbating together on the phone, the way we do it, it’s more than that.  It’s an important part of our sexual relationship, exciting and satisfying.  We know it will be challenging to make regular time for phone or Skype sex considering Roxy and Theo are living together much of the time now, not to mention that we both have kid challenges and all the rest.  But last night brought us back together in a way that we’d almost forgotten about, we remembered the depth of passion we can inspire in each other, the way we can bridge the physical distance with love and desire and dirty talk.  We need that passion and the feeling of togetherness it brings.  It’s essential fuel for our long distance fire.  People often ask me how Roxy and I keep this going, despite the distance and all the challenges.  Well, one answer is sex.  Yes, deep serious conversations about our relationship and our lives and all that important adult stuff is vital.  We’ve been doing a lot of that over the past few months, we’re not lacking in that department.  What we’ve not been fitting into the equation is the simple act of down and dirty sex together.  Beautiful transcendent sex.  Dangerous, loud, ecstatic sex in a parking lot.  Sweet, rose-petaled sex that reaches out and pulls us in with it’s magic undertow.

So beyond all the women’s studies, smart academic, thoughtful philosophical, pragmatic solution based answers on how to maintain a long distance polyamorous relationship, don’t forget what keeps the flame alive, what reminds you of why you’re doing this, the spark of life that brought you together with that sexy, amazing, special someone…


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