so much so much much

I will come back to you, most excellent readers, as soon as I get through this crazy crunch time.  Happily I am getting through my to do list, but procrastination has made the list extra long and the deadlines extra close.  But let’s do a mini-celebration of what I’ve accomplished already this week:

Finished and submitted a story to Salacious for their third issue, theme: Sci Fi.  I thought I’d submitted it in the nick of time, however, thanks to losing track of what day it was, I was more than 24 hours ahead of the deadline.  And, no, I shouldn’t have put it off that long, but that’s the way the cock bounces, or something like that.

Finished updating presenter notes for my Genderqueer Identity workshop.  I’m going to be leading it for the third time this Thursday at the Center for Sex Positive Culture.  After leading this workshop at Butch Voices not long ago, I had a lot of ideas to incorporate.  Eventually, I’ll rework the whole hand-out.  I just finished the notes tonight and am ready for the workshop, despite getting help from my toddler and suffering from allergies brought on by our newest family members.. more on them later.

Upcoming, I have another presentation to give, this one on a technical topic for my geek group and I haven’t even completed half of it yet.  Argggg… procrastination, my lifelong companion, I want to divorce your ass for reals, but you keep coming back. Bitch.  However, hopefully, I can continue this productive mood and not let the geeks down next week.  To that end, I’m restricting myself from checking for messages on a certain male-on-male ‘dating’ site all the time… yeah, more on that later too.

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