Guilty Pleasure

A few days ago, I talked about how I measured success with respect to this blog.  I talked about comment volume, emails from readers, the sense that I was making connections and making a difference in people’s lives.  Well, I forgot something.

Being Someone’s Guilty Pleasure

I’ve never considered that goal, it hadn’t occur to me that this one was even a possibility, but wow, for a writer of smut, a perv-ayor of pleasurable stories, being someone’s guilty pleasure feels like quite a victory.

Where’s all this coming from, you ask?  Well, one of my habits (*ahem* obsessions)  is to check my stats at least once (come on, multiple times) a day.  I am particularly interested in where referrals are coming from, which pages containing a link to my blog are getting clickity-clicked, inviting potentially new readers to my corner of the blogosphere.  There are regulars, of course, but occasionally a new URL will catch my eye.  Yesterday, it was a site called shellysbookstore and a post called Top 10 Lesbian Blogs.  Well, you can imagine that sparked my interest, but I also know, after all this time, that sometimes it’s not the post, but a link in someone’s blogroll that brings a reader to me.

But not this time, this time I was part of the post.  Shelley has this to say about Butchtastic:

Okay, this one is totally not me but it’s reminds me a lot of someone very close to me and another close friend so it’s like a guilty pleasure to read it. This one can be racy…you’ve been warned!

Wow… a guilty pleasure.  That is just so cool.  It’s a high complement, right up there with comments I’ve received about how my stories helped create wet panties and uncomfortable situations at work.  I’ve heard of some of the other blogs on the list, like AfterEllen, Grace the Spot, Lesbiatopia and GLAAD, but not all of them, so now I have some new sites to explore, as well.

So, Shelly, thank you.  I am thrilled to be on your list, and I appreciate you introducing my blog to your readers.


*psssst… the rest of yous, don’t tell Shelly that I don’t really consider myself a lesbian anymore… guilty pleasures don’t need to follow the rules, right?


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