Butch Voices workshop attendees… shout out to you

I want to thank you for attending and participating.  I always learn so much from the stories people tell and how they relate to the material I’m presenting.  I’d love to hear from you and get direct feedback if you’d like to send it.  Comments on this post or emails to Kyle at Butchtastic dot Net are gratefully accepted.

I also wanted to remind you that the hand-outs for my Genderqueer Identity and Intentional Masculinity workshops are available in pdf from my Workshops page.  If you lost your copy, or want to share with friends, please feel free to get it from that page.  I’ll be updating those materials over time, so you might want to check in occasionally.

I’d also like to enlist all of you in helping me improve my workshops.  I’m really interested in finding more material on the topics around Intentional Masculinity, so if you have a resource on the process of becoming more intentional, on topics around masculinity and masculine expression, on dealing with our own sexism, misogyny and oppressive behaviors — please, link me up.  I have some ideas on how to improve that workshop and would love to gather more information from people who have experience in anti-oppression work.

Thank you Butch Voices, thank you attendees and fellow presenters, thank you to the businesses and organizations who supported us and helped make it a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Butch Voices workshop attendees… shout out to you

  1. Thanks for a great post! Wish I could have attended the workshop. (No BV for me this year, sadly). I actually *just* posted something about the butch/FTM divide that I think some of your readers might find interesting: http://www.butchwonders.com/1/post/2011/08/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit5.html. I’d love to get your thoughts too, Kyle–I know you’ve devoted a lot of energy to thinking about this stuff! About to go check out your handouts… Cheers, BW

    thanks, BeeDub… I have thought a lot about the divide, but a lot happened at the conference that I wasn’t involved in (taking breaks, having lunch, the occasional downtime in the hotel room), and I might share my impressions, but I’m really looking for some more to come out of the principals involved. I’ll check out your post, thanks for linking it – K

  2. Roxy says:

    As it’s been for 2 years now, Butch Voices was the beginning of a lot of great conversations. Thank you, Kyle, for putting yourself out there to lead two sessions that offered up so many great ideas, and for coming to listen and talk with me about other sessions that set both our minds on fire.

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