Butch Voices Spoken Word Line Up

This is the (tentative) line up for the Butch Voices Spoken Word performance on Sunday, August 21st.  I recognize a couple of names:

Set 1
1. Elana Dykewomon
2. DeAngela Cooks
3. Kyle Jones
4. Day Walker

Intermission: 10 mins

Set 2
5. Sinclair Sexsmith
6. Sassfras and Kestryl Lowrey
7. Jovi Radtke
8. Lex

I’m going to read Asphalt, which is a lot of fun to read, and hopefully, listen too.  I have a feeling I know what Sinclair will read (my bet: the butch poem).  I may be the only one reading an erotic story, but I don’t know most of these people, so I don’t know what they write/speak/read.

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