Butch Voices is nigh

On Thursday evening, I’ll be flying to SFO for two very good reasons:  the BUTCH Voices 2011 national conference in Oakland and to be with my sweetheart, Roxy.

I’ll be presenting on two topics this year:  Genderqueer Identity and Intentional Masculinity.  I’ll also be reading my story, Asphalt for the spoken word performance on Sunday.  I don’t know when I’ll be doing my workshops yet, the schedule hasn’t been finalized yet.  There are also a plethora of interesting and exciting events going on that Roxy and I will be attending together (I love that word ‘together’, it’s such a good word).

Meet and Greet, Artist Reception and Ally Performance (Thursday, 8/18)

 BUTCH Voices Keynotes: Sharon Bridgforth (Saturday 8/20) and Alice Y. Hom (Friday 8/19) 

BUTCH Briefs, film night: heart-warming, hot and hilarious short films that celebrate our triumphs and trials as budding tomboys, fashionable butches, binary bashing queers, sensitive studs and hella handsome masculine of center folks!  (Friday 8/19)

Butch Nation:  night of entertainment bringing us rap, tap, comedy, music and solo performances. (Saturday 8/20)

Hella Gay Oakland Dance Party: the Butch Voices after party at The Uptown (Saturday 8/20, 9:00 pm to 2:00 am)

Butch Voices Spoken Word: seven spoken word performances, including yours truly. (Sunday 8/21)


I’m in the fast and furious final stages of workshop outline finalization, needing to complete them and order copies very soon.  Along with all of that, I’m getting ready to start my new job on Monday (I’ve received 3 meeting notices already, my day is fully scheduled).

I’m really excited to do my presentations, not because I need to hear myself talk, but because I’m looking forward to the energy in the room and anticipating how much I can learn from everyone else there.  I’m ecstatic to spend time with Roxy.  We got a couple of days together last week, and that only served to wet our whistles for more (yeah, that’s what we’re calling them, ‘whistles’).  And it’s been months, some very very long months, since we had time alone together.  There’s that word again, it’s really important for healthy LDRs and we have not gotten nearly enough of it this year.

I have converted the updated version of my Beyond the Check-Boxes: Exploring Genderqueer Identity hand-out into PDF.  Feel free to download a copy for yourself, but please respect my copyright.  I’ll upload the Intentional Masculinity hand-out as soon as it’s complete.

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