Big Tent Blues: what did I miss?

CH commented on my Big Tent Blues post yesterday that I hadn’t addressed the concerns of ageism, misogyny and lack of feminist principals raised by the folks who left to create Butch Nation.  As I’m reading through Sasha T. Goldberg’s posts (this and this), I see that concerns were raised and that Sasha and others didn’t feel they were adequately addressed.  That’s all I know about it.  I wasn’t in on the conversation, I don’t know what specifics they tried to discuss, so I can’t speak to those issues.  I do know that ageism has to be more than just disagreeing with someone who’s older than you and misogyny has to be more than being inclusive of people with a masculine centered identity.  That’s my line in the sand.

I’m inviting anyone who has information on what those issues were to educate me.   Without information, I’m not going to comment more on those issues.  Thank you.

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