Catching up… what’s happening with Kyle?

Someone recently asked if everything was OK with me, since I slowed down on posting.  There’s a lot going on, mostly positive.  I’ve been adjusting to life without the daily grind of a 10 minute commute to cubicleland.  Along with job hunting, networking and other activities related to what-I-do-for-a-living, there have been some excellent developments in the area of what-I-do-for-fun.

Interview for WholeSexLife:  the lovely Evoe Thorne contacted me a couple of weeks asking if she could interview me for a series she’s doing on her blog.  The series focuses on alternate gender expressions.  We met at Olympia’s Farmers Market on Friday, and with her partner Harold snapping pictures, had a great conversation about gender, sexuality, identity and a whole lot more.  I’ll post a link here when the interview goes up.  Evoe and Harold are very cool and I’d definitely love to hang out with them more.  Check out to keep up with Evoe and her poly adventures.

Butch Voices conference in Oakland:  I submitted two session abstracts for this conference and received word today that both had been accepted.  I’ll be doing my Genderqueer workshop from Portland Butch Voices 2010 and a new one, Intentional Masculinity.  I’ve also been accepted to read at the Spoken Word performance on Sunday, but I don’t know yet what I’ll choose to share.

Review of Salacious #2:  a positive review of this magazine includes some specific praise for my story, Other Duties.

Submitted two stories to Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians, on the night of the deadline, with minimal re-editing or fussing… I call it ‘Sudden Submission’.

A really hot story:  a tweet caught my eye and I found myself reading this story, on Original Plumbing, about a trans queer guy who has a threesome with two cis-men… and  It was so ripped-from-my-dark-fantasies.  This is specifically Kyle speaking, and I’ve come to realize that I need to get outside the fantasies that drive me crazy and into some kind of space where I can make some of them real.  Roxy and I have been talking about this for a while, she knows I’ve got faggot desires but haven’t had the chance, or the balls, to see them through.  I’ve got more to say about it, but that’ll wait for another post.

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