Upcoming (hopefully) Genderqueer workshop at CSPC

At the Queering Power Dynamics workshop I went to at the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture, I met the volunteer coordinator, Lissa.  After browsing this blog, she discovered my Genderqueer workshop handout and asked me if I’d consider doing the workshop at the Center.  It hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be interested, since it’s not sex or BDSM related (But perhaps  I was taking a too literal view of what they’re all about).

I’ve sent my bio and session information and I may get the opportunity to present it in September.  Much thanks to Lissa for seeing the value.  I’ve gotten so caught up in presenting my sessions at Butch Voices, that I didn’t even consider the possibility of presenting to other groups.  Silly me.  Now I’m hoping I can present to some of the other groups I’m involved with locally.  This is one of the awesome outcomes of networking.

As soon as I have a schedule — if the workshop is accepted — I’ll put out the word and hope you all help me advertise.

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