Upcoming (hopefully) Genderqueer workshop at CSPC

At the Queering Power Dynamics workshop I went to at the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture, I met the volunteer coordinator, Lissa.  After browsing this blog, she discovered my Genderqueer workshop handout and asked me if I’d consider doing the workshop at the Center.  It hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be interested, since it’s not sex or BDSM related (But perhaps  I was taking a too literal view of what they’re all about).

I’ve sent my bio and session information and I may get the opportunity to present it in September.  Much thanks to Lissa for seeing the value.  I’ve gotten so caught up in presenting my sessions at Butch Voices, that I didn’t even consider the possibility of presenting to other groups.  Silly me.  Now I’m hoping I can present to some of the other groups I’m involved with locally.  This is one of the awesome outcomes of networking.

As soon as I have a schedule — if the workshop is accepted — I’ll put out the word and hope you all help me advertise.

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2 Responses to Upcoming (hopefully) Genderqueer workshop at CSPC

  1. LissaB says:

    One of my objectives over the past year or so has been to promote events and workshops geared toward some of our underserved communities at the CSPC. This started (almost 2 years ago) with the SHE Party – a party open to all women regardless of the gender marker on their ID. Later, I started the “One Night Only” Party – a party from crossdressers and alternative gender expression.

    I promoted Sinclair’s workshop because it would apply to the Queer community, and obviously had D/s ramifications for all cross-sections of the community.

    And now I’m focusing on the genderqueer community. Even if your workshop is not specifically sex or BDSM related, it still provides important resources for our genderqueer community. Sometimes “sex-positive” simply means that we are able to openly and honestly discuss subjects that more “polite society” would find objectionable. This often includes discussions on sexuality, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, etc.

    I’m really looking forward to this workshop, for these reasons as well as personal reasons. Thanks so much for your willingness to bring these important topics out of the closet!

    I’m happy to be a part of your agenda 😉 and I agree that if we can be more comfortable in our bodies, in who we are in the world, then everything works better for us, including sex. I’m excited about the workshop because I love the conversations it starts and the inner explorations that are started by conversations around gender and identity. I learn a lot from others, so my ulterior motive is getting people together so I can learn and geek out on all the diversity in the world. Thanks for seeing the value in what I’ve put together – K

  2. Roxy says:

    Kyle, you’re so perfect for this – a great speaker, wonderful with groups, and sexy and sure in your body. You and I have had so many incredible conversations – I love that you’ll be sharing all that you have to offer with an even wider audience. Congratulations, love.

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