Soccer by Choice

Insanely crazy game.  Love this game, it’s in my blood, it’s in my bones, it makes my muscles twitch.  Fucking awesome game.

The Japanese keeper was amazing.  Our team was excellent but couldn’t finish nearly enough.  Amazing championship game, so impressed by both sides.  Great tournament, so many dramatic finishes and awesome play.

Congrats, Japan, well played.

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2 Responses to Soccer by Choice

  1. e says:

    Do keepers practice that move of diving to one side and kicking the ball with your foot as you crash to the ground? Cuz, that was an amazing save!

  2. Roxy says:

    I LOVE that shirt, and watching the semi-finals and final with you was wonderful. It’s really great to be able to talk about the games so passionately with you. Thanks for being sexy as hell, lover. 🙂

    I really enjoy sharing soccer with you. Sharing the things I’m passionate about with you brings us closer and is a whole lot of fun. You’re fun to watch soccer with 🙂 – K

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