Link Love for July

Here are some websites, programs and organizations that have caught my eye in the past several weeks and I want to share them with you:

First up, a place I hope to get to know very well, the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle.  They have great workshops, play parties and events for an amazing array of kink subcultures.  I’ll be attending the Blood, Sweat and Queers party on August 6th — my first play party at the Center — wish me luck.

A recommendation by RedemptionsGirl, a new podcast for my iPhone, Polyamory Weekly, featuring the wit and wisdom of CunningMinx:  Responsible non-monogamy from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view.  I listened to two episodes on a recent bike ride and really enjoyed the topics and the hostess.

The organization behind the trans guys sex pamphlet I blogged about a few days ago, tm4m, organization promoting safe sex practices for transmen who play with men (or want to…).

Our goal is to provide information, education and support to transmen who have sex with men. To do this, we put on monthly educational workshops and discussion groups, publish informational materials and continuously work to foster acceptance and build community.

tm4m is a collaborative effort co-sponsored by Eros, Trannywood Pictures and TRANS: THRIVE (a program of the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center).

And going up the sexy scale…

Trans Queers, a Trans Fag Sex Journal:  sexy stories pulled from the experience of two trans fags:

a blog maintained by two trannyfags of color living in a big city, exploring safe anonymous play with bio-boys. We are committed to documenting the good, the confusing, and the ugly. Not too many of us out there writing about sex with nontrans men, the adventurous intricacies of it, negotiating safety and complicating definitions of queerness. We promise to be honest and vivid as we recount these experiences. It is our hope that you will read this journal and feel that your sexuality is really yours to do with as you damn well please.

A recent blog comment lead me to this cool genderfuck tumblr, End Binary Gender Tyranny! by Dae:  For The Gender Conscious Few Who Know The Binary Is Bullshit and Enjoy a Good Genderfuck.

And last, but not least,  A Series of Questions, a photography project by L Weingarten, “This ongoing body of work explores the power dynamics inherent in the questions asked of transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and gender-variant people.

As always, I enjoy hearing feedback about the links I’m recommending and tips for new links I haven’t discovered yet.  Have a great week.

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