Interview on My Whole Sex Life

Evoe Thorne has posted her interview of me as a part of her series on Gender Expression.

I met Kyle after hearing him read one of his erotic short stories. I was taken in by his slow drawl, cowboy hat, sparkling eyes, and sweet charm. And yes, I got that his gender was not clear-cut. Later, I looked at his website and realized that he is smart and articulate. And complicated.

Mine is the fourth, the previous three are Colleen:

When I asked her about her gender, Colleen said, “I’m just a girl… I’m female.” While she says that binary gender (boy OR girl) is “bullshit,” she also tells me that she knew at 3 years old that she was a girl. 


and David:

I’m interviewing David. He has extremely long wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail, suspenders, a wild beard, and a wicked gleam as he tells me with some glee about a recent hospital stay.

and Jim:

When I first met Jim, it was in a social setting and I didn’t think twice about his gender. Why would I? I noticed his loud quick laughter, dark hair, dramatic flair, caring nature, and a certain sense of elegance. In the middle of interviewing him about being intersexed I start to really see both genders in him.

Big thanks to Evoe for putting this series together, she contributed her gender viewpoint in this introduction:

This week I am doing a series of posts about gender. Gender fascinates me: while it seems simple and binary on the surface (either you’re a boy OR you’re a girl), it’s really so much more complex. This series is the result of my intense curiosity about gender nuances that I have sensed but never experienced myself.


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