Awesome trans guy sex pamphlet

Roxy sent me these images a while ago and I was blown away.  Nothing like that is available up here, at least not in Olympia.  And beyond the extremely sexy idea of fucking around with other guys, the idea that I could call it my ‘front hole’ instead of our cunt.. that’s pretty revolutionary.

I’ve got a chest and a front hole and a little cock.. fuck yeah.

I love that its smart, sexy, safe and looks good.  It’s hitting me, like a 2×4 in the center of my forehead, how much I have to learn.  I’ve gone a lot of years without concerning myself with the ‘ins-and-outs’ of sex with men.  I have enjoyed gay male porn without having to think about realistic details like safe sex, or how to attract men in the first place.  Roxy has been helping me by sending me links, and the information available now on safe sex with men is plentiful.  And then there’s the whole category of sex with trans guys.  It’s different and the same in all the ways sex with anyone is, but for someone used to sex with queer women, there seem to be even more potential land mines.  Communication is key, as it should be.

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit intimidated by the prospect of putting myself out there in this way.  I’m nervous as hell about talking to guys about sex, about asking the right questions, doing the right things.  We’ve lived as a dyke for so long… it’s a scary, sexy, brave, crazy new world I’m attempting to enter.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m totally into front hole sex.  And back hole.  And oral.  And … yeah, all of it.


Ed. note: this pamplet is available through the tm4m website along with another .pdf file:

Click here to download the Primer on Trans/Non-trans Guys!

Click here to download the Top 5 Reason to Fuck a Transguy!


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2 Responses to Awesome trans guy sex pamphlet

  1. Roxy says:

    Kyle – I’m so glad you’re stepping out into public and talking about what you want. You’re sexy, 100% guy, and way too good to keep your light hidden under a bush (heh heh.) Here in San Francisco, guy on guy is becoming a lot more common, and I’m glad I can share all these resources with you.

    When you decide you’ve found the right guy to take the next step, you’re gonna make him the happiest and luckiest guy on the planet – I’ve seen how brutally sexy you are, and I can say for certain that dance card of yours won’t be empty for long.

    Congratulations on coming out, handsome. It looks good on you. 🙂

    you are so good to me, always supporting, cheering me on and helping me find my way. Your confidence in my guy finding abilities are a lot higher than my own, but I’m hopeful. There’s so much to learn and figure out, it’s a bit daunting. The Missus always said guys are easy and I believe you’ve said the same, but for me, it’s all a mystery. Here’s to solving mysteries, eh? 😉 – K

  2. Isobel says:

    I had a few interesting, strings-free days with a trans*guy last week… I watched him prep and inject T, we talked a lot, got nice and sweaty a fair bit, had a lot of fun. This information seems pretty accurate to me.

    thanks for the feedback, it seemed to be pretty right on based on conversations I’ve had with trans guys. Also, right on for having some strings free fun — K

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