Stress points

My life is not a calm pool in a cool forest by any means.  Most of the time my life is a cross-roads of multiple surging currents threatening to take my feet out from under me.  I’m usually pretty good at surfing on top of it all, but the water has gotten a lot higher and the current a lot stronger lately.

And I’m not just talking about the challenges involved with having a robust and loving long distance polyamorous relationship, either.  Right now the strongest and most stressful push is that I don’t know where I’m working after this week.

My current contract ends on June 30.  Though I have some leads for my next contract and am attempting to get a permanent job offer, I don’t have anything for sure.  I haven’t been unemployed in 7 years and that was only for 3 weeks covered by a severance package.  So the idea of not having a clue where the next paycheck will come from is stressful.

My wife doesn’t work, and though she’s talking to a friend of ours about a possible part time position, it wouldn’t come close to the income I’m making.  And yes, we can cut back and pinch pennies a lot more than we have been.  Another bit of stress induced by all this is that at my current income level, I can afford to buy plane tickets and get hotel rooms for those highly anticipated and much needed visits with Roxy.  Being unpaid for a long period of time, or not getting a good contract/salary would put a pinch on that… and I can’t even stand to think about seeing her less often.

yeah, no.. let’s not even contemplate that, seeing as how I’m barely out of the dark place I woke up in yesterday morning.

On top of that, let’s throw the toddler-who-still-won’t-sleep-all-night and the resulting uneven sleep schedule that causes for my wife and I.  It’s hard to do my best strategic thinking when I’m tired and grumpy and trying to keep my tired and grumpy wife from biting heads off.

I’m hoping to get an offer or some sign of good news sometime this week.  If you have any pull with gods, goddesses or work related magic, please give me some kind thoughts.   Thanks.


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