Slow, hot fuck against the wall

Her voice was urgent and hungry, “Baby, I don’t want to wait until we get back to our room.

I want you now.”

I can’t say I was surprised.  We’d been flirting and dancing dirty for a couple of hours, pushing the limits of public behavior until it was clear we either had to leave or have sex right on the dance floor.  After a while, it hadn’t mattered what part of her body was rubbing against which part of mine, we were both nearly boiling over.

I pulled her from the sidewalk into an alley, murmuring “shortcut” as an explanation, determined to get us back to the hotel as quickly as possible.  She had her own ideas and pushed me against the bricks, twining her fingers into my hair, kissing me hard.

“I want you now!”

Her hand between my legs made me groan and I could feel fresh moisture gush in response.  As turned on as I was, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came and the gentle firm motion of her fingers and palm were determined to make it happen.  As horny as I was, I didn’t want to come that quickly.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, I swung her around and pressed her against the uneven brick of the alley wall.  My fingers closed on her wrists, holding them at her sides.  My mouth met hers and I pressed myself against her.  It was her turn to groan and squirm against me.  I released her wrists and placed my palms against her bare thighs, lifting her skirt obscenely and working my hips between her legs.  She wrapped one leg around my ass, pulling me in hard and reminding me of her strength as I began to lead us in another dance, this one slow and certain.  No frantic thrust and grind, this dance defied the urgency of our passion, and we wound together more tightly, pressed more deeply, and more slowly.  Slow-like-molasses-is-slow and twice as sweet.  Sweet like honey but with heat.  I pressed up against her with the buttons of my jeans, covering the thick bulge she’d been cultivating all night.

Soon, both legs were wrapped around my hips and I held her lightly against the wall, focusing all my desire for her into that hot, wet place she keeps ready for me.  Time ceased to be important.  Location didn’t matter. My awareness narrowed until there was only the feeling of our bodies moving together, her breath against my ear and something hot and bright like lightening building up behind my cock.

I kept pulling back internally, trying to hold back the flood.  I didn’t want it to end, wanted to draw it out as long as I could until that moment when we both gasped and sang our love song to the night.

“Oh, god, love… love.. lover mmmmm.. yes, yes.. ohgod.. grrrrrrryessss…  mmmmmmmmMMMMMM…. BABY.. yesYES! sssssssssssss  Now, yes, now yes!”

Now, yes.

Yes, my love, now and always.


[note:  this story was inspired by a comment made by Roxy during a phone conversation.  She mentioned wanting a hot, slow, butch fuck against the wall… our conversation  got hotter and hotter from there  — K]

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