Link Love for June 23

Read Sinclair Sexsmith’s Unsolicited Advice to a Young Butch.  Wow.  I commented on that post that it was the kind of thing that makes me want to give up writing, because, what’s the point when Sinclair is gonna do stuff like that?  It’s a great piece, stirring, inspiring, emotional.  Kudos again, Sinclair.  I wish every young butch, transmasculine, gender questioning person could read it and know that they have a place in the world.

Butches at Work, Butch 360 on Can I Help You, Sir?  G asked a few of us to talk about how we present masculinity in the work place (if we do) and if we modify our appearance or behavior for the work place.

I’m very proud to be included on the transgender blog-roll for the Center, Colorado’s statewide, nonprofit community center dedicated to providing support and advocacy for Colorado’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) population.

Interesting article on The End of Gender?  The side bar by someone who is a a bit adamant about gender differences was irritating, especially since I think he did a lousy job of making his case.  The main article is interesting, though.  I would really like to see less gathering of gender/sex based statistics in general, because I don’t think they are used well and they generally assume just the gender binary.

From the OMG Finally a New Post! Department, Jesse James broke radio silence on her blog the other day to announce her engagement to Violet, her long time leading lady.  Congratulations, Jesse and Violet.  Also, getting published for the first time this summer (wow, very cool!) and potentially moving to the Bay Area.  Now, that puts them farther from me, but it is my second favorite area of the world, so I wish them well.

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