Links of interest… butches, trans, genderqueers… Oh, My

A few links collected from the twitterverse and blogosphere:

New ways to pack….

TranZwear has come out with a line of customized underthings designed to accommodate a packy without the need for an additional pouch.  Read the review (and ogle the pictures) at Transguys.  Also available, swim trunks, swim/shower briefs and bikini bottoms, all modified for packing.  Hmmm.. I may need to check those out.  I’m pretty happy with my packing pouch but recently found out that Babeland has stopped selling them.  Apparently they didn’t sell as well as the strapped version — the sales person I talked to said the complaints she’d heard were that the velcro version causes the packy to hang too low.  I wear briefs and that limits how low I hang, but I guess if you wore boxers and loose pants, there might be issues.  I dunno, I just wanted to avoid having yet another wasteband.  I don’t know that I can afford to replace my standard briefs with the TranZWear creations, but I’m interested in checking them out sometime and very happy that creative, trans-positive people are out there coming up with new solutions.

K-Daddy, you rock!

Sinclair was surprised to see kd lang mention her Top Hot Butches list in this video interview on Extra! Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News.  The interviewer gushes all over kd in a massive display of butch idolizing (well-deserved) and kd, or should I say K-Daddy, is wonderfully funny, self-effacing and butch.  I love how she blushes when discussing how butch she is in comparison to the Top Hot Butches #1 Butch, Rachel Maddow.

Transmen and pregnancy

Dr James Pate, MD, is an OB/GYN at the University of Minnesota and future gender specialist (so says his about page).  In this post, he answers an email sent to him by a couple in Israel.  The two men, one cismale gay, the other transgender gay male, want to become fathers by impregnating the transman.  They’re concerned about the effects of his previous high-dosage testosterone treatment (he’s quit and started having a menstral cycle again).  Anyhow, they wrote to Dr. Pate out of concern about a possible link between high testosterone levels and autism in the resulting child.  I think it’s a great write up, very informative.  I’m also really in love with the idea of these two guys wanting to be dads so much that one of them is willing to deal with periods again.  Seriously, these guys should be celebrated.

Ask Sugarbutch Anything…

Another link to one of my favorite butch blogs, this one addresses a question I posed to Sinclair as a part of her 5 year anniversary celebration.  I asked about the origin of ‘Sugarbutch’ the term and also asked what her advice to a newly minted butch would be.  Check it out.

Hey, you, yeah, you… if you see a link you think I’d like, something I might include in my next round-up, please send it to me at kyle at butchtastic dot net.



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