Link Love for Memorial Day Weekend

ButchHands is a tumblr managed by my friend, Joe LeBlanc, of Butch Voices fame.  Joe welcomes contributions.  “Be it stereotypical or going completely against the grain of what people think your hands should be doing as someone who embodies masculinity in an intentional way and as the fiercely subversive Butches that you are.”

my drunk kitchen: just so much LOL, great way to start or end the day, or take a break in the middle of one.  Have one, have two, gorge yourself silly.  This one, the Brunch episode, is HIGH-larious.  The main site is, Harto & Co.

Gender isn’t Simple, on the Verbosery.  Cheree lays it out plain and simple (OK, at least simple for something as un-simple as gender).  Check it out and leave her some comment love.

The Queeriodic Table project is cool, scientific, geeky, queer-ific goodness.  Not only do they provide a handy reference, Jen Crothers and co-conspirator Kona Katranya are raising money for a good cause, “Partial proceeds from sales of the Project’s artifacts (posters, buttons, magnets, colouring books, etc) will be donated to Out in Schools, a Vancouver organisation that “engages youth through film in the promotion of safe and diverse learning environments, free from homophobia and bullying”.  Check out for information on how you can get your artifacts.

There you have it, the latest Links Love List from Butchtastic.  Enjoy.

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