Link Love for 5/15/11

I’ve added a couple of new blogs to my big long list of genderqueer, butch and trans blogs.

New as of 05/12/2011

fuckyeahbutches: this is a tumblr on the theme of butches, from Jenny Shimizu, to old school butches to butches like, well, me.  Check it out for eye-candy or for images of people who remind you of you and your friends.

Butch Wonders:  this new blog (as of May 2011)  shows great promise with posts pondering the potential adverse effects of wearing a tie to interviews, defending her choice to wax and shave, and a great post on Butch Buddies.

As always, if you spot a blog you think I should add to my list, send me an email or leave a comment.

The Butch 360 on Can I Help You, Sir? asked the question, what are your good and bad qualities?, you can see all the answers, including mine here.

And I’ll wrap up this episode of Butchtastic Link Love with a new tumblr collaboration between Roxy and I called Gay Like This.  This tumblr is all about what turns us on, not necessarily iconic images of beauty or sex recognized by the rest of the world, instead this is personal.  Join us on a tour of queer attraction, this isn’t your father’s gay (or maybe it is), Roxy and I are Gay Like This.

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