A reading and a reuniting

Tonight, in less than 5 hours, I’ll be meeting Roxy at the airport.  She’s flying up to participate in the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (SEAF) tonight.  We’ll both get to read to whomever is gathered in the Boudoir, the Literary Exhibit space at the Festival.  According to the organizer, lots of the writers included in the exhibit will be on hand to read tonight.   I’m kinda high on the whole thing and have been practicing whenever I get the chance.  I like the story more every time I read it, even though I’m also aware of improvements I could make to the readability.

The Festival theme this year is ‘Red Light District‘ and that’s also the name of the anthology.  My story will be in that anthology, along with 3 of Roxy’s poems and the other selected short stories and poems.  You can buy a copy through Lulu or at the Festival store.  I’m going to get a copy so I can collect some signatures.  It’s a great opportunity for both of us to be recognized by other writers and smut afficionados.  I’m excited to be there to see Roxy read her work in public for the first time, and happy she’ll be there for my reading.  Her one word prompt, ‘Asphalt’, inspired my story and her advice and editing prowess helped me to hone it into the story it is now.

Along with the excitement of taking part in SEAF, we’ll have an opportunity to be together.  It’s a blitz visit, less than 12 hours, but we’ll make the most of it.   I’ve been going through my day, wanting the daylight hours to pass quickly so I can get to the night, and see my girl.  But then I want time to slow down, a lot.  I keep catching myself by surprise, going through a pretty ho-hum day at work, then reminding myself that I get to see her, in just a few hours and my heart goes BOOM! then ZINNNGGGGG!!!!

Roxy, thank you, you amazing woman… for the inspiration, for the faith and for flying up here to be with me tonight.  I love you, baby.


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