Suburban Butch Dad Report: Bachelor Time

[ed note:  wrote this on Wednesday, but obviously didn’t get it posted right away… so thar be updates amongst it]

This evening I’ll drive my family up to the airport, help them get into the security and kiss them goodbye.  They’ll fly to Florida for 12 days of sun and fun with family.  I’ll return home to a very, very… very quiet house.  [so far so good, we made it to the airport in plenty of time, after spending over an hour at the elementary school science fair.  Wife got them all through security without too much trouble, ElderSpawn did a good job of wrangling Little Bit]

I’ve got mixed feelings, ya know?  On the one hand, I’m always wishing I had more uninterrupted time to work on my side projects in writing, blogging and geeking, not to mention just sitting and thinking from the beginning of a thought all the way to the end.  Oh, and porn watching, I never ever have enough free time to watch porn.  On the other hand, I’m a true blue family guy and I miss them when they’re gone.  I miss the one on one time with my ElderSpawn in the morning before work, and the sleepy snuggles I get from the Little Bit if she wakes before I leave.  The quiet of the morning will take a couple of days to adjust to.  [true enough, it’s very quiet in the mornings, but I am having a harder time with how quiet it is at night.  Past two nights, I haven’t slept well, too used to hearing the sounds of my wife and Little Bit hanging in the living room after I go to bed.  Hoping sleep gets easier tonight, drinking beers should help]

I’ll miss my wife’s cooking, no doubt about it.  She was very sweet and concerned about how I’d fair while she was gone.  She knows I can feed myself, but I think she’s worried I won’t concern myself with side dishes and vegetables.  I’m envious of the time she’ll have in the warm weather, pool side and with field trips to the beach.  Of course, she’ll have the girls, so it’s not a completely relaxing vacation for her.  We’re both aware that she’ll have a lot more ‘on time’ without me there to take on some of the load, especially with the baby.  Luckily, her dad and step-mom are good with the kids and generous about giving her some off time.  [Finished off home made mac n’ cheese leftovers last night with a nice salad.  Will have dinner somewhere downtown tonight.  Starting tomorrow night, I’ll be cooking for myself.  Have my eye on some mandarin beef in the freezer, no one else in the family likes it.]

Now, lest you worry I’ll be sitting home alone in the light of a porn video scratchin’ at my briefs and living off beer and chips the whole time, I do have plans.  [I haven’t had time to watch porn and scratch… yet.]

Roxy will be gracing me with her sexiness for 4 full days starting late next week.  We are very purposefully keeping our schedule light, to give us maximum flexibility and room for spontaneity.  She’ll be coming to my soccer game and following that we’ll get BLTs at the Olympia Farmer’s Market (best BLTs in town).  At some point, I’ll take her out for a night on the town:  dinner, drinks and dancing.  There will be a lot of naked fun time, as much as we can manage.  The bonus is that we’re not just getting time together, but time away from familial responsibilities, something we both need.

During the days leading up to her visit, there will be some porn watchin’, cock squeezin’ time, for sure.  And some beer drinkin’.  I’m going to enjoy happy hour with some friends on Friday, before moseyin’ over to the Olympia Arts Perspective opening night.  Sunday afternoon I’ll head up to Seattle for my Butch Photography Project session.  Afterward, I’ll get to hang with Onyx and Scarlett for a bit before heading back home. [looking forward to getting out tonight, gonna do happy hour with a friend I don’t get to hang with very often]

I’m going to indulge in some geek time.  There are some training videos I’ve been hankering to watch, my new geek blog domain awaits my firm hand and, of course, I’d like to do some blogging here.  I know I’ve been neglecting you all.

OK, now we’re caught up and it’s Friday.  Though my family got to the airport in time and had no trouble getting to Atlanta, once they were there, the Demons of Travel Drama descended upon them.  They were stuck in ATL for over 12 hours because of a wicked storm system hanging out over Orlando.  The baby didn’t sleep much on the cross-country flight, so my wife got even less.  They boarded the Orlando flight on time, but then sat on the tarmac for a while before returning to the gate.  They deplaned and re-planed within about 20 minutes.  Then sat on the tarmac for a while longer.  Eventually they returned to the gate, the flight cancelled.  Mrs. Kyle, sleep deprived and hungry, almost lost her ability to do any critical thinking.  She was tearful and stressed out on the phone, while I tried to stay calm and offer her options.  We discussed the possibility of her driving 744 miles from Atlanta to her Florida destination.  We looked at alternative flight destinations that would put her closer.  The fall back was to stay at the airport overnight and hope for 3 seats on an upcoming flight.  Not a pretty thing to contemplate with an active toddler.  Finally, Delta booked them on an afternoon flight to Melbourne, very close to where her parents live.  Victory at last!  They got food, chilled out and my wife’s sanity returned.  One more unfortunate twist awaited  —  despite Delta’s assurances that their luggage would be on the flight to Melbourne, it ended up in Orlando instead.  On the plus side, they offered to deliver it directly to the house.

So yesterday was immensely stressful and when I got home I collapsed on the couch and slept for an hour.  The rest of the night was spent doing final edits and writing changes to a story I’m submitting for Best Lesbian Erotica 2012.  Roxy was also preparing a couple of submissions, so we kept each other company and did some pair-editing on our stories.  She’s really wonderful to work with, offering great suggestions and alternative approaches and giving me another point of view to see my work from.  Thank you, sweetheart, your help and support is indispensable.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll make sure to update you soon on how my porn watchin’ is going and any other trouble I manage to get myself into.  Have a great weekend.

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