A Writer’s Life: appearing soon in Salacious #2

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d submitted a few stories to different publications and events.  On Sunday, I found out that one of those stories was selected by Salacious for its second issue, centered around the topic of voyeurism.

The story I wrote was an original piece, created solely for that submission.  I won’t reprint it here, but will tell you that it takes place in a modern office setting and technology definitely has a starring role.  An artist will illustrate it and my imagination is running wild with curiosity over which aspect(s) of the story will be chosen and how the artist will express what I’ve written.  All of this is very new ground for me.

The issue will be published in late May, please see their site to find out how to get your hot hands on one.  I don’t know who else’s stories will be published in that issue, but I know where some of the pictures are coming from.   Some of the pictures Roxy submitted were also accepted, and I’m very excited for her.

I’m pretty danged excited for me, too, as you can imagine.  I’m going to order multiple copies, for posterity.  I’ve imagined having my work in a book or magazine for a long time, this is a dream come true.  A dream born of hard work, a dirty imagination and a great writing partner.  Thank you, Roxy my dear, for your eagle eye and generosity.

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