Wrong Bathroom

I found this video through a blogger who’s new to me, Jenna McWilliams on making edible playdough is hegemonic.  Jenna posted  “Why I identify as genderqueer“, ending with this great video on bathroom use:

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2 Responses to Wrong Bathroom

  1. Oh, hi! Thank you for the link! I’ve just discovered you through the Butch Lab. I’ve been writing a lot about butch and genderqueer lately, which is why I’m so excited to have discovered all the great writing about this online!

    Hello and well met. You are a part of all that greatness online, I’ll be adding you to my list the next time I publish an update. Welcome to the conversation — K

  2. Roxy says:

    Oh, wow – this is an awesome video, and not just because it’s cool to recognize places in San Francisco. Thanks for sharing it, love. 🙂

    well, and now when I visit, you can show me some of the places you recognized… K

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