Gendercast episode 4 includes a shout out for this blog

I’m a little behind on my social media and didn’t notice until yesterday that Jessie Lee of Gendercast had given me a shout-out on the podcast, Gendercast.  Episode 4 is entitled, Gender Community Building Up; Tearing Down and in it Jessie and co-host Sean discuss the ways social media and online community have helped, and hindered, the creation and reinforcement of transmasculine communities.

I’m mentioned when Jessie talks about attending my Genderqueer Identity session at Butch Voices Portland and Sinclair Sexsmith of SugarButch also gets a shout out.   Click over to Gendercast to listen to this and their other podcasts.

Thank you, Jessie and Sean for the shout out and for doing great work for the transmasculine community.

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