A debut and a Reading

I’ve been submitting stories to various publications over the past 3 months, hoping to land my first inclusion in a dead-trees book or magazine.  I’m still waiting for that to happen, but I have just received some great news.  An essay/statement about being genderqueer was just accepted by the Olympia Arts Perspective, a home grown group just starting up in Olympia.  The month of April features a different theme every month.  It’s obvious why I was drawn to week 3’s theme:

Week 3: ‘X+Y’ is a commentary on how those letters have created a binary across humanity. Not unlike Ones and Zeros, there are never-ending combinations. Breaking THROUGH the Gender Binary.

So yeah, I wrote something, agonized over it for a few days and opened it up to my fabulous writing partner Roxy.  Today I got the acceptance email with a bonus.  They’ve asked me to read it during the opening reception, April 1st (and yeah, I’m fairly certain this isn’t an April Fools joke).  Correction:  just found out I’ll be reading at the week three reception, which will be April 15th.

Not only will this be my first public reading, but it’s in my home town.  I’m proud and a little nervous.  The piece I wrote was very open and honest about how I relate to gender.  I’m also linking my two identities in a very public way, which is something I have not done before.  So it’s also a coming out of sorts.

I don’t know how many people will be there, or how many I’ll know, but I’m gonna put on a clean shirt and a tie and stand up there and read my truth.

[Ed. Note: everything I write for submission is a collaborative effort.  Roxy is an excellent writing partner and editor.  Thank you, honey, for your help and support]

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