Shanna Katz interviewed me for Fearless Press

Shanna Katz, of Essin ‘Em fame, is starting a new column called Out of the Box.  Her first post is an interview, featuring me talking about my views on butch identity.  I’m pretty happy with the results, here are a couple of teasers.  Please read the full interview and make a note to check in on Shanna’s Out of the Box column to see her other interviews.

On what Butch Identity means to me…

For a lot of years, I rejected the butch label because of some assumptions I’d formed about it, that to be butch was to mimic the behavior of men, including the behaviors I thought were negative. Some examples of negative behaviors I saw replicated in butches I knew were sexism, chauvinism — an attitude that to be masculine was to be superior to those who were feminine. The more masculine you could be, the more you could imitate the behaviors that were stereotypically male, the better you were at being butch.

On common questions and assumptions about Butch Identity…

People are surprised, and even shocked, to learn that I am happily fulfilled by being submissive in my D/s relationship. When confronted by the shock of one of my butch friends at this revelation, I wasn’t surprised, but I was amused, for two reasons: masculinity tends to be equated with strength and emotional control and submission is seen as weak, emasculating. submission, like most things, is not a single, narrowly defined expression. I express submission through strength, control, dedication and service. To me this lines up with my identity as butch and masculine very nicely.


and there’s more.. go on, check it out.  Big thanks to Shanna for inviting me to participate and to Fearless Press for hosting so much interesting and informative content.

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