ButchLab Symposium #2, deadline is March 1st

I’m working on mine right now — yeah, I’m working right up against the deadline — and wanted to help get the word out to others who might want to participate.  Here’s the topic:

Symposium #2, March 2011: Butch Stereotypes, Cliches, and Misconceptions: What do people think “butch” means? What are the stereotypes around being butch? What do people assume is true about you [or the masculine of center folks in your life], but actually isn’t? What image or concept do you constantly have to correct or fight against? How do you feel about these misconceptions? How do you deal with them? Do you respond to these stereotypes or cliches? How? Entries for Symposium #2 are due by March 1st, 2011 by email or by the form on http://www.butchlab.com/symposium/.

Please consider participating and adding your thoughts, opinions and experiences to the conversation.

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