Newest addition to my Butch/GQ/Trans blog list

I should have added Jiz to my list in the first iteration, and a recent blog post reminded me of why.  Jiz recently blogged about being genderqueer and how they identify with that label.  Now that blog entry has been reposted to the Good Vibrations online magazine.  In honor of that, here’s the newest addition to my list of Butch/Genderqueer/Trans bloggers:

New as of 1/12/2011

Mixing it Up,  Genderqueer porn star, certifiably sexy individual, Jiz Lee says this about their blog – It’s a website and blog I run as a vehicle to share my experiences of sex and gender, film and photography. I hope it can provide a resource to queers and allies out there interested in my projects or wanting to find someone like themselves represented in the work I do and the ideas I express. Follow Jiz on twitter, check out their performances in the Crash Pad Series, the movie Champion and anywhere else you can.  My personal connection is fleeting but squee worthy:  I met Jiz at the New York City Sex Bloggers Calendar party in 2009 and mentioned I had this blog.. which Jiz totally knew about “Oh! You’re Kyle!” *hug* .. but that’s not all, Roxy introduced herself and got a very long,  full body hug.  I think that means Jiz approves of my taste in women 😉

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