Happiness in a box

During our Portland visit in November, Roxy gave me a box of holiday gifts for my family and me.  There was something for the Bunny (a book her own small weasel had loved very much), something for ElderSpawn (books, on topics I enjoy and that the two of us could share) and a couple of things for me.  Closer to Christmas, she sent something she’d found for Mrs. Kyle — a completely winning choice, very well chosen.

Here are the thoughtful items she found for me

A purple tie to go with my purple button down shirt:  I’d mentioned more than once that I’d wanted to find a tie for that shirt, she heard me and went shopping for one.  Her taste in ties is extremely wonderful.

A pillow:  I sometimes am so tired in the afternoon that I take short ‘truck naps’, using a rolled up coat or sometimes my arm for a pillow.  She heard me and found this perfectly sized pillow and included a zippered pillow case so I could keep the pillow clean.  Notice her name is on the pillow?  So that when I take my naps, she’s close to me.

Star Wars briefs:  I’m a geek, a sci fi nerd.  Han Solo is one of my heroes and icons.  She searched through a pile of these until she found one with Princess Leia on the fly (she knew the one with Chewbacca there just wouldn’t be right).  I wore these on New Years Eve, so you could say that Princess Leia rode into the New Year on my cock 😉

A close-up on that fabulous tie

Thank you, Roxy, for hearing me and knowing just what I need.





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